I spend many hours online every day. I talk to colleagues and I receive suggestions from users

Sometimes I remove links because the organization or government behind the media is not giving the editorial staff the freedom to live up to the international standards for freedom of the press. This is of course difficult when it comes to countries where press freedom is not guaranteed. 

I also appreciate tips and recommendations from our users and I often have some very interesting discussions with journalists, researchers, analysts and travelers from all over the world.

I do not describe the medias and I present only the link, so you can see exactly where your browser will bring you. This is to make your newspaper search fast. - And it lets you copy our links easily. Feel free to do so, but please remember to mention, if you publish them.

I know that most of our user are English speaking. Therefore, we have done an effort to present at least one English speaking newspaper in every country. Each newspaper has a language tag. I use standard ISO codes for languages such as (EN) for English, (ZH) for Chinese or (AR) for Armenian.